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There are 2581 taxa reported for South Florida.

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Scientific Name: Common Name: Native Status:
Dactyloctenium aegyptium Crow's-foot grass, Durban crowfootgrass Not Native, Naturalized
Dalbergia brownei Brown’s Indian rosewood Native
Dalbergia ecastaphyllum Coinvine Native
Dalbergia sissoo Indian rosewood Not Native, Naturalized
Dalea carnea var. carnea Whitetassels Native
Dalea feayi Feay's prairieclover Native
Dalea floridana Florida prairieclover Native
Dalea pinnata var. adenopoda Summer farewell Native
Dalea pinnata var. pinnata Summer farewell Native
Dalechampia scandens Spurgecreeper Not Native, Naturalized
Datura metel Devil’s trumpet Not Native, Naturalized
Datura stramonium Jimson weed, Jimsonweed Not Native, Naturalized
Deeringothamnus pulchellus Pretty false pawpaw, Royal false pawpaw Native
Delonix regia Royal poinciana, Flamboyant Not Native, Naturalized
Dendrophylax lindenii Ghost orchid, Palmplolly Native
Dendrophylax porrectus Needleroot airplant orchid Native
Dennstaedtia bipinnata Bipinnate cuplet fern Native
Descurainia pinnata Western tansymustard Native
Desmanthus leptophyllus Slenderleaf bundleflower Not Native, Naturalized
Desmanthus virgatus Wild tantan Native
Desmodium floridanum Florida ticktrefoil Native
Desmodium incanum West Indian Beggar’s-ticks Native
Desmodium lineatum Sand tricktrefoil Native
Desmodium marilandicum Smooth ticktrefoil Native
Desmodium mauritianum Beggar’s-ticks, Zarzabacoa comun Not Native, Naturalized
Desmodium paniculatum Panicledleaf ticktrefoil Native
Desmodium scorpiurus Scorpion ticktrefoil Not Native, Naturalized
Desmodium strictum Pinebarren ticktrefoil Native
Desmodium tortuosum Dixie ticktrefoil Not Native, Naturalized
Desmodium triflorum Threeflower ticktrefoil Not Native, Naturalized
Dianella ensifolia Cerulean flaxlily Not Native, Naturalized
Dicerandra immaculata var. immaculata Lakela's mint Not Native, Cultivated Only
Dichanthelium aciculare Needleleaf witchgrass Native
Dichanthelium acuminatum var. longiligulatum Rough witchgrass Native
Dichanthelium commutatum Variable witchgrass Native
Dichanthelium dichotomum Cypress witchgrass Native
Dichanthelium ensifolium var. ensifolium Cypress witchgrass Native
Dichanthelium ensifolium var. unciphyllum Cypress witchgrass Native
Dichanthelium ensifolium var. breve Shortleaf cypress witchgrass Native
Dichanthelium erectifolium Erectleaf witchgrass Native
Dichanthelium laxiflorum Openflower witchgrass Native
Dichanthelium ovale Eggleaf witchgrass Native
Dichanthelium portoricense Hemlock witchgrass Native
Dichanthelium scabriusculum Woolly witchgrass Native
Dichanthelium strigosum var. glabrescens Glabrescent roughhair witchgrass Native
Dichanthium aristatum Angleton's bluestem Not Native, Naturalized
Dichanthium sericeum Queensland bluestem Not Native, Naturalized
Dichondra carolinensis Pony-foot, Carolina ponysfoot Native
Dichondra micrantha Smallflowered ponysfoot Not Native, Naturalized
Dichrostachys cinerea Aroma Not Native, Naturalized
Dicliptera sexangularis False-mint, Sixangle foldwing Native
Dicranopteris flexuosa Net fern, Drooping forked fern Native
Didymoglossum krausii Kraus' bristle fern Native
Didymoglossum lineolatum Lined bristle fern Native
Didymoglossum punctatum subsp. floridanum Florida bristle fern Native
Digitaria bicornis Asia crabgrass Not Native, Naturalized
Digitaria ciliaris Southern crabgrass Native
Digitaria eriantha Pangola grass Not Native, Naturalized
Digitaria filiformis var. filiformis Shaggy crabgrass Native
Digitaria filiformis var. dolichophylla Caribbean crabgrass Native
Digitaria gracillima Longleaf Crabgrass Native
Digitaria horizontalis Jamaican crabgrass Native
Digitaria insularis Sourgrass Native
Digitaria longiflora Indian crabgrass Not Native, Naturalized
Digitaria pauciflora Twospike crabgrass, Everglades crabgrass, Florida pineland crabgrass Native
Digitaria serotina Blanket crabgrass, Dwarf crabgrass Assumed to be Native
Digitaria setigera East Indian crabgrass Not Native, Naturalized
Digitaria violascens Violet crabgrass Not Native, Naturalized
Dimocarpus longan Longan Not Native, Naturalized
Diodia teres Poor joe, Rough buttonweed Native
Diodia virginiana Buttonweed, Virginia buttonweed Native
Dioscorea alata White yam Not Native, Naturalized
Dioscorea bulbifera Common air-potato Not Native, Naturalized
Dioscorea sansibarensis Stiff-tipped air-potato Not Native, Naturalized
Diospyros digyna Black sapote Not Native, Naturalized
Diospyros ebenum Ebony Not Native, Naturalized
Diospyros maritima Malaysian persimmon, Sea persimmon Not Native, Naturalized
Diospyros virginiana Persimmon, Common persimmon Native
Diplazium esculentum Vegetable fern Not Native, Naturalized
Diplotaxis muralis Annual wallrocket Not Native, Naturalized
Distichlis spicata Saltgrass Native
Dizygotheca elegantissima False-aralia Not Native, Cultivated Only
Dodonaea elaeagnoides Smallfruit varnishleaf Native
Dodonaea viscosa var. angustifolia Narrow varnishleaf Native
Dodonaea viscosa var. viscosa Varnishleaf, Florida hopbush Native
Dolichandra unguis-cati Claw vine, Catclawvine Not Native, Naturalized
Dombeya x cayeuxii Not Native, Cultivated Only
Dracaena concinna Not Native, Cultivated Only
Dracaena deremensis Not Native, Cultivated Only
Dracaena fragrans Corn plant Not Native, Cultivated Only
Dracaena marginata Dragontree Not Native, Cultivated Only
Dracaena reflexa Not Native, Cultivated Only
Dracaena sanderiana Lucky-bamboo Not Native, Cultivated Only
Drosera brevifolia Dwarf sundew Native
Drosera capillaris Pink sundew Native
Drymaria cordata West Indian chickweed, Drymary Native
Dryopteris ludoviciana Southern wood fern Native
Drypetes diversifolia Milkbark, Whitewood Native
Drypetes lateriflora Guiana-plum Native
Duranta erecta Golden-dewdrop, Golden dewdrops Not Native, Naturalized
Dypsis lutescens Yellow palm, Areca palm Not Native, Naturalized
Dyschoriste angusta Rockland twinflower, Pineland snakeherb Native
Dyschoriste oblongifolia Oblongleaf twinflower, Oblongleaf snakeherb Native