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There are 2581 taxa reported for South Florida.

Group By Family:
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Scientific Name: Common Name: Native Status:
Radermachera sinica China doll, Emerald tree Not Native, Naturalized
Randia aculeata White indigoberry Native
Raphanus raphanistrum Wild radish Not Native, Naturalized
Rauvolfia tetraphylla Be-still tree Not Native, Naturalized
Ravenala madagascariensis Travelers-palm, Travelerstree Not Native, Cultivated Only
Rayjacksonia phyllocephala Camphor daisy Native
Reimarochloa oligostachya Florida reimargrass Native
Remirea maritima Beachstar Native
Reynosia septentrionalis Darlingplum Native
Rhabdadenia biflora Mangrove rubbervine, Mangrovevine Native
Rhapis excelsa Bamboo palm, Slender lady palm Not Native, Cultivated Only
Rheedia aristata Not Native, Cultivated Only
Rhexia cubensis West Indian meadowbeauty Native
Rhexia mariana Pale meadowbeauty, Maryland meadowbeauty Native
Rhexia nashii Maid marian Native
Rhexia nuttallii Nuttall’s meadowbeauty Native
Rhexia petiolata Fringed meadowbeauty Native
Rhipsalis baccifera Mistletoe cactus Native
Rhizophora mangle Red mangrove Native
Rhodomyrtus tomentosa Downy myrtle, Rose myrtle Not Native, Naturalized
Rhus copallinum Winged sumac Native
Rhynchosia cinerea Brownhair snoutbean Native
Rhynchosia michauxii Michaux’s snoutbean Native
Rhynchosia minima Least snoutbean Native
Rhynchosia parvifolia Small-leaf snoutbean Native
Rhynchosia precatoria Rosary snoutbean Assumed to be Native
Rhynchosia reniformis Dollarweed, Dollarleaf Native
Rhynchosia swartzii Swartz’s snoutbean Native
Rhynchospora baldwinii Baldwin’s beaksedge Native
Rhynchospora caduca Anglestem beaksedge Native
Rhynchospora cephalantha Bunched beaksedge Native
Rhynchospora chapmanii Chapman's beaksedge Native
Rhynchospora ciliaris Fringed beaksedge Native
Rhynchospora colorata Starrush whitetop Native
Rhynchospora corniculata Shortbristle horned beaksedge Native
Rhynchospora divergens Spreading beaksedge Native
Rhynchospora eximia Florida beaksedge Native
Rhynchospora fascicularis var. fascicularis Fascicled Beaksedge Native
Rhynchospora fernaldii Fernald’s beaksedge Native
Rhynchospora filifolia Threadleaf beaksedge Native
Rhynchospora floridensis Florida whitetop Native
Rhynchospora galeana Shortbristle beaksedge Native
Rhynchospora globularis Globe beak-rush Native
Rhynchospora grayi Gray’s beaksedge Native
Rhynchospora harperi Harper’s beaksedge Native
Rhynchospora intermedia Pinebarren beaksedge Native
Rhynchospora inundata Narrowfruit horned beaksedge Native
Rhynchospora latifolia Giant whitetop Native
Rhynchospora megalocarpa Sandyfield beaksedge Native
Rhynchospora microcarpa Southern beaksedge Native
Rhynchospora microcephala Bunched beaksedge Native
Rhynchospora miliacea Millet beaksedge Native
Rhynchospora nitens Shortbeak beaksedge Native
Rhynchospora odorata Fragrant beaksedge Native
Rhynchospora perplexa Pineland beaksedge
Rhynchospora plumosa Plumed beaksedge Native
Rhynchospora pusilla Fairy beaksedge Native
Rhynchospora rariflora Fewflower beaksedge Native
Rhynchospora tracyi Tracy’s beaksedge Native
Rhynchospora wrightiana Wright’s beaksedge Native
Richardia brasiliensis Tropical Mexican clover Not Native, Naturalized
Richardia grandiflora Largeflower Mexican clover Not Native, Naturalized
Richardia scabra Rough Mexican clover Not Native, Naturalized
Ricinus communis Castor-bean Not Native, Naturalized
Rivina humilis Rougeplant Native
Rorippa floridana Coastal watercress, Florida watercress Native
Rorippa palustris Marsh-cress, Bog yellowcress Native
Rorippa teres Southern marsh yellowcress Native
Rosa bracteata Macartney rose Not Native, Naturalized
Rosa multiflora Multiflora rose Not Native, Cultivated Only
Rotala ramosior Toothcup, Lowland rotala Native
Rotala rotundifolia Dwarf rotala; Roundleaf toothcup Not Native, Naturalized
Rottboellia cochinchinensis Itch grass Not Native, Naturalized
Rousselia humilis Shineseed Not Native, Naturalized
Roystonea regia Royal palm, Florida royal palm Native
Rubus cuneifolius Sand blackberry Native
Rubus niveus Mysore rasberry Not Native, Naturalized
Rubus pensilvanicus Sawtooth Blackberry, Pennsylvania Blackberry Native
Rubus trivialis Southern dewberry Native
Rudbeckia hirta Blackeyed susan Native
Ruellia blechum Green shrimpplant, Browne's blechum Not Native, Naturalized
Ruellia caroliniensis Carolina wild petunia Native
Ruellia ciliatiflora Hairyflower wild petunia Not Native, Naturalized
Ruellia ciliosa Ciliate wild petunia Native
Ruellia simplex Britton’s wild petunia, Mexican bluebell Not Native, Naturalized
Ruellia succulenta Thickleaf wild petunia Native
Rumex crispus Curled dock, Curly dock Not Native, Naturalized
Rumex hastatulus Heartwing Dock, Hastateleaf Dock Native
Rumex pulcher Fiddle dock Not Native, Naturalized
Rumex verticillatus Swamp dock Native
Rumohra adiantiformis Leatherleaf fern Not Native, Naturalized
Ruppia maritima Wigeon-grass Native
Russelia equisetiformis Firecrackerplant, Fountainbush Not Native, Naturalized