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There are 2582 taxa reported for South Florida.

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Scientific Name: Common Name: Native Status:
Gaillardia pulchella Blanketflower, Firewheel Not Native, Naturalized
Galactia elliottii Elliott's milkpea Native
Galactia floridana Hairy milkpea Native
Galactia parvifolia Small-flowered milkpea Native
Galactia pinetorum Pineland milkpea Native
Galactia regularis Eastern milkpea Native
Galactia smallii Small’s milkpea Native
Galactia striata Florida hammock milkpea Native
Galactia volubilis Downy milkpea Native
Galeandra bicarinata Two-keeled hooded orchid, Helmet orchid Native
Galinsoga quadriradiata Peruvian daisy, Shaggy soldier Not Native, Naturalized
Galium bermudense Coastal bedstraw Native
Galium tinctorium Stiff marsh bedstraw Native
Galphimia gracilis Galphimia Not Native, Cultivated Only
Gamochaeta antillana Cudweed, Narrowleaf purple everlasting Native
Gamochaeta coarctata Gray everlasting Not Native, Naturalized
Gamochaeta pensylvanica Cudweed, Pennsylvania everlasting Native
Gamochaeta purpurea Purple cudweed, Spoonleaf purple everlasting Native
Garcinia subelliptica Not Native, Naturalized
Garcinia xanthochymus Garcinia Not Native, Naturalized
Gardenia jasminoides Cape jasmine Not Native, Cultivated Only
Gaylussacia dumosa Dwarf black-huckleberry, Dwarf huckleberry Native
Gelsemium sempervirens Yellow jessamine, Carolina jessamine Native
Geranium carolinianum Carolina cranesbill Native
Gibasis pellucida Tahitian bridalveil Not Native, Naturalized
Glandularia aristigera South American mock vervain, Moss verbena Not Native, Naturalized
Glandularia maritima Beach verbena, Coastal mock vervain Native
Glandularia tampensis Tampa mock vervain, Tampa verbena Native
Gliricidia sepium Nicaraguan cocoa shade Not Native, Naturalized
Gloriosa superba Flamelily Not Native, Naturalized
Glycine max Soybean Not Native, Naturalized
Glycosmis parviflora Flower axistree Not Native, Naturalized
Gomphrena serrata Globe-amaranth Not Native, Naturalized
Gonolobus taylorianus Not Native, Naturalized
Gordonia lasianthus Loblolly bay Native
Gossypium hirsutum Wild cotton, Upland cotton Native
Gouania lupuloides Chewstick, Whiteroot Native
Govenia floridana Florida govenia, Tropical govenia Native
Gratiola hispida Rough hedgehyssop Native
Gratiola pilosa Shaggy hedgehyssop Native
Gratiola ramosa Branched hedgehyssop Native
Gratiola virginiana Roundfruit Hedgehyssop Native
Grevillea robusta Silk-oak Not Native, Naturalized
Grewia asiatica Phalsa Not Native, Naturalized
Guaiacum officinale Common lignumvitae Not Native, Naturalized
Guaiacum sanctum Lignumvitae, Holywood lignumvitae Native
Guapira discolor Blolly, Beeftree Native
Guettarda elliptica Everglades velvetseed, Hammock velvetseed Native
Guettarda scabra Rough velvetseed Native
Guzmania monostachia West Indian tufted airplant Native
Gyminda latifolia West Indian false boxwood Native
Gymnanthes lucida Crabwood, Oysterwood Native
Gymnopogon ambiguus Bearded skeleton grass Native
Gymnopogon brevifolius Slim skeleton grass, Shortleaf skeleton grass Native
Gymnopogon chapmanianus Chapman’s skeleton grass Native
Gynandropsis gynandra Spiderwisp Not Native, Naturalized
Gynura aurantiaca Velvetplant Not Native, Naturalized