Conservation of rare plants, animals, and ecosystems

"This group rocks!"

Suzanne Koptur, Ph.D., Plant Ecologist, Professor of Biological Sciences, Florida International University

"Great organization doing great work!"

Joyce Maschinski, Ph.D., Director of Plant Conservation, Vice President of Science & Conservation, San Diego Zoo

IRC protects, restores, and manages ecosystems to protect biodiversity over the long run.

We future-cast. We imagine the biodiverse landscapes of tomorrow. Then we build, rebuild and protect what is needed to get there.

"Lucky for us and the future of our ecosystems, IRC has been advancing the knowledge of native plants, and restoring native habitat throughout South Florida for many years."

Patty Phares, citizen activist, IRC Board Member

We are a nonprofit conservation organization exempt from taxes under
U.S. Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)3,
Tax ID# 74-2336458.

Our Support and Funding

IRC has no endowment, no major benefactor, nor an army of dues paying members.

We are funded through gifts, grants, agreements and contracts to implement conservation projects and programs. Significant funding has come from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Park Service, State of Florida, and the Elizabeth Ordway Dunn Foundation, among many others.

Some of our free web resources, such as Natives For Your Neighborhood, are partially funded by sponsors for whom we are grateful.

Our Request To You

Among the most critical are unrestricted donations, which allow us to produce cutting-edge conservation resources that otherwise would not be possible.

Please consider supporting our mission to make the world a better place.

We're like the utility that keeps the lights on. Our comprehensive databases are a critical resource used by hundreds of land managers who steward hundreds of thousands of acres across Florida and the Caribbean.

"The IRC's plant database is the most accurate and useful in South Florida. They walk the talk with frequent invasive removal and restoration work. Finally, they have a vision for local and global conservation that our governments and public need to face the conservation crisis. We love IRC!"

Richard Brownscombe, President, Broward Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society.

"IRC is an organization unlike any other in South Florida - or almost anywhere for that matter. Staff has global expertise in floristics and restoration. Online tools to help homeowners and environmental professionals have changed South Florida for the better and help us all to preserve what is left in our region."

Jennifer Possley, Conservation Team Leader & Field Biologist, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

"A fantastic group of dedicated and knowledgeable staff, working hard and relentlessly to identify, map, and save the biodiversity found in South Florida. This is my go-to organization whenever I need to identify a plant or look up other specifics. I work in the environmental consulting industry and the resources IRC provides are essential!"

Meike de Vringer-Picon, Environmental Consultant

"IRC's long and proven history, dedication, commitment and solid expertise in ecology and restoration, conservation science and environmental education are true assets to the regions and communities that the organization serves!"

Sarah Martin, The Nature Conservancy

"I've been using IRC's resources in my college classes and teacher training workshops for decades. Their materials and field practices are well-grounded in the best available and most recent science. Keep up this great work!"

Chris Migliaccio, Ph.D., Professor of Ecology & Environmental Science, Miami Dade College