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There are 2581 taxa reported for South Florida.

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Scientific Name: Common Name: Native Status:
Najas guadalupensis Southern waternymph Native
Najas marina Spiny waternymph Native
Najas wrightiana Wright’s waternymph Native
Nama jamaicensis Jamaicanweed Native
Nectandra coriacea Lancewood Native
Nelumbo lutea Yellow lotus, American lotus Native
Nelumbo nucifera Sacred lotus Not Native, Naturalized
Nemastylis floridana Celestial lily, Fallflowering ixia Native
Neoregelia carolinae Blushing bromeliad Not Native, Cultivated Only
Nepeta cataria Catnip, Catmint Not Native, Cultivated Only
Nephrolepis biserrata Giant sword fern Native
Nephrolepis brownii Asian sword fern Not Native, Naturalized
Nephrolepis cordifolia Tuberous sword fern Not Native, Naturalized
Nephrolepis exaltata Sword fern, Wild Boston fern Native
Nephrolepis falcata forma furcans Fishtail fern Not Native, Naturalized
Nephrolepis falcata Macho fern Not Native, Naturalized
Nephrolepis hirsutula cv. Superba Not Native, Naturalized
Nephrolepis x averyi Avery’s sword fern Native
Neptunia pubescens Tropical-puff Native
Nerium oleander Oleander Not Native, Naturalized
Neyraudia reynaudiana Burmareed, Silkreed Not Native, Naturalized
Nicandra physalodes Shoo-fly plant, Apple-of-Peru Not Native, Naturalized
Nicotiana plumbaginifolia Tex-Mex Tobacco Not Native, Naturalized
Nicotiana tabacum Tobacco, Cultivated tobacco Not Native, Naturalized
Nolina atopocarpa Florida beargrass Native
Noronhia emarginata Madagascar-olive Not Native, Naturalized
Nothoscordum bivalve False-garlic, Crowpoison Native
Nuphar lutea subsp. advena Spatterdock, Yellow Pondlily Native
Nymphaea ampla Dotleaf waterlily Not Native, Naturalized
Nymphaea capensis var. zanzibariensis Cape blue waterlily Not Native, Naturalized
Nymphaea elegans Blue waterlily, Tropical royalblue waterlily Native
Nymphaea jamesoniana Jameson's waterlily, Nightblooming waterlily Doubtfully Native
Nymphaea lotus White egyptian lotus Not Native, Naturalized
Nymphaea mexicana Yellow waterlily Native
Nymphaea odorata American white waterlily Native
Nymphaea x daubenyana Dauben waterlily Not Native, Naturalized
Nymphoides aquatica Big floatingheart Native
Nymphoides cristata Crested floatingheart Not Native, Naturalized
Nymphoides hydrophyllum
Nyssa sylvatica var. biflora Swamp black-gum Native