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There are 2581 taxa reported for South Florida.

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Scientific Name: Common Name: Native Status:
Ochrosia elliptica Elliptic yellowwood Not Native, Naturalized
Ocimum basilicum Sweet basil Not Native, Naturalized
Ocimum campechianum Wild basil, Wild sweet basil Native
Oclemena reticulata Pinebarren aster, Whitetop aster Native
Odontonema cuspidatum Firespike Not Native, Naturalized
Oeceoclades maculata African ground orchid, Monk orchid Not Native, Naturalized
Oenothera biennis Evening primrose, Common evening primrose Doubtfully Native
Oenothera drummondii Beach primrose, Beach evening primrose Not Native, Naturalized
Oenothera humifusa Seaside evening-primrose Native
Oenothera laciniata Cut-leaf evening-primrose Native
Oenothera simulans Southern gaura, Southern beeblossum Native
Oenothera speciosa Showy primrose, Pinkladies Not Native, Naturalized
Okenia hypogaea Beach-peanut, Burrowing four-o’clock Native
Oldenlandia corymbosa Flattop mille graines Not Native, Naturalized
Oldenlandia uniflora Clustered mille graine Native
Oldenlandiopsis callitrichoides Creeping-bluet Not Native, Naturalized
Oncidium ensatum Florida dancinglady orchid Native
Ophioglossum crotalophoroides Bulbous adder’s-tongue Native
Ophioglossum nudicaule Slender adder’s tongue Native
Ophioglossum palmatum Hand fern Native
Ophioglossum pendulum Old World adder’s tongue Not Native, Naturalized
Ophioglossum petiolatum Stalked adder’s tongue fern Native
Ophiopogon japonicus Dwarf liriopoe, Mondo-grass Not Native, Cultivated Only
Opizia stolonifera Acapulcograss Not Native, Naturalized
Oplismenus hirtellus subsp. setarius Woodsgrass, Basketgrass Native
Opuntia abjecta Jumping cactus Native
Opuntia austrina Florida pricklypear Native
Opuntia cochenillifera Cochineal cactus Not Native, Cultivated Only
Opuntia ficus-indica Spineless cactus Not Native, Cultivated Only
Opuntia mesacantha subsp. lata Pricklypear Native
Opuntia ochrocentra Bullsuckers Native
Opuntia stricta Erect pricklypear Native
Opuntia tuna Elephantear pricklypear Not Native, Cultivated Only
Opuntia undulata Undulate prickly pear Not Native, Cultivated Only
Orontium aquaticum Goldenclub, Neverwet Native
Orthosia scoparia Hairnetvine, Leafless swallowwort Native
Oryza rufipogon Wild red rice Not Native, Naturalized
Osmunda regalis var. spectabilis Royal fern Native
Osmundastrum cinnamomeum Cinnamon fern Native
Oxalis corniculata Lady's-sorrel, Common yellow woodsorrel Native
Oxalis debilis var. corymbosa Violet wood sorrel, Pink woodsorrel Not Native, Naturalized
Oxalis intermedia Broadleaf woodsorrel Not Native, Naturalized