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Galactia floridana Torr. & Gray
Hairy milkpea

Family: Fabaceae

Group: Dicot

Substrate: Terrestrial

Habit: Herb

Perennation: Perennial

Native Range: Southeastern United States.

Map of select IRC data for peninsular Florida

IRC SOUTH FLORIDA Status: Imperiled

SOUTH FLORIDA Occurrence: Present

SOUTH FLORIDA Native Status: Native

SOUTH FLORIDA Cultivated Status: Not Cultivated

Comments: Plants identified as this in South Forida may be Galactia brachypoda (see Nesom 2015) along with prostrate plants historically treated as Galactia regularis, or more recently as Galactia volubilis, in South Florida. Galactia brachypoda is prostrate (not twining), with realtively broad subcoriaceous leaflets with raised veins, (4–)10–25(–32) mm wide, and relatively large flowers, 11–15 mm long. We are working on this taxonomy now.

Synonyms: Galactia regularis of Wunderlin 1998, in part, not (L.) Britton, Sterns, & Poggenb.; Galactia volubilis of Wunderlin & Hansen 2011, in part, not (L.) Britton.

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Galactia floridana has been found in the following 15 conservation areas :
Occurrence Native Status
Big Cypress National Preserve Present Native
Bill Sadowski Park Present Native
Black Creek Forest Present Native
Deering Estate at Cutler Present Native
George N. Avery Pineland Present Native
Goulds Pineland Present Native
Ludlam Pineland Present Native
Ned Glenn Nature Preserve Present Native
Pine Ridge Sanctuary Doubtfully Present
Porter-Russell Pineland Present Native
Rockdale Pineland Doubtfully Present
School Board Property (Moody Drive and Turnpike) Native
Silver Palm Groves Present Native
Sunny Palms Pineland Doubtfully Present
Trinity Pineland Present Native

Galactia floridana has been found in the following habitat :
Pine Rockland