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Wildlife-Plant Interactions

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Cassius Blue

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Common Name Scientific Name Plant Uses
Cat’s-claw, Catclaw blackbead Pithecellobium unguis-cati Larval host and nectar source.
Cow-pea, Hairypod cowpea Vigna luteola Larval host.
Crenulate leadplant Amorpha herbacea var. crenulata Larval host.
Downy milkpea Galactia volubilis Larval host.
Eastern milkpea Galactia regularis Larval host.
Florida hammock milkpea Galactia striata Larval host.
Florida Keys blackbead Pithecellobium keyense Larval host and nectar source.
Jamaica-dogwood, Florida fishpoison tree Piscidia piscipula Larval host.
Leadwort, Cape leadwort Plumbago auriculata Larval host.
Low rattlebox Crotalaria pumila Larval host.
Mexican alvaradoa Alvaradoa amorphoides Larval host.
Mouse’s pineapple, Redgal, Yellowroot Morinda royoc Nectar source.
Narrowleaf yellowtops Flaveria linearis Nectar source.
Pineland croton, Grannybush Croton linearis Nectar source.
Rosary-pea, Crab-eyes Abrus precatorius Larval host.
Shakeshake Crotalaria incana Larval host.
Snow squarestem Melanthera nivea Nectar source.
Southeastern sunflower Helianthus agrestis Nectar source.
Spanish-needles Bidens alba var. radiata Nectar source.
Wild plumbago, Doctorbush, Florida plumbago, White plumbago Plumbago zeylanica Larval host.
Wild-sage, Buttonsage Lantana involucrata Nectar source.
Wild-tamarind, False tamarind Lysiloma latisiliquum Larval host and nectar source.
Yellow joyweed Alternanthera flavescens Nectar source.
Yellow necklacepod Sophora tomentosa var. truncata Larval host.

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