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Sponsors and Acknowledgements

The Natives For Your Neighborhood website, a publication of The Institute for Regional Conservation (IRC), has been made possible by generous contributions from various organizations & individuals. IRC would like to express sincere thanks and appreciation to these sponsors for their support of native plant conservation and restoration, and for their contributions that have made this free educational resource available to the public.

Your contribution matters! If you’d like to become a sponsor of this site, make a donation to IRC, or dedicate a donation in someone’s name, we welcome your support. IRC is a non-profit 501(C)3 organization.

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Past Major Sponsors: $5000 and up

South Florida Water Management District

Broward County

The Elizabeth Ordway Dunn Foundation

The Florida Native Plant Society

Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program - The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


Past Supporting Sponsors

Ecohorizons, Inc.

W. Lawson Nursery

The Florida Native Plant Society, Naples Chapter

The Florida Native Plant Society, Palm Beach Chapter

The Florida Native Plant Society, Dade Chapter

The Florida Native Plant Society, Coccoloba Chapter

Tropical Audobon Society

The Curtis & Kimball Company

E & J Tree Moving, Inc.

Restoration Partners, Inc.

Lauren McFarland

Tiffany Troxler

Jeanne and John Rothchild

George N. Avery Memorial Fund

Robert L. Kelley

Don and Joyce Gann



Many thanks to Shirley Denton, Kristen Jacobs, Peg McPherson and Kellie Westervelt for help and encouragement at critical times and for assisting with obtaining financial support.  Without the funding from and logistical support of our sponsors, this website would never have become a reality.  Special thanks to the Elizabeth Ordway Dunn Foundation and the Florida Native Plant Society for making the initial contributions to get the project off the ground.

Shirley Denton, Roger Hammer, Chuck McCartney and Susan Trammell, all renowned naturalists and photographers, have each contributed many of their native plant photographs for use on the site.  Wes Jurgens and Susan Trammell, experienced botanical illustrators, have kindly also donated some of their native plant illustrations for use on this site.  All copyrights remain with the artists.

Much of the basis for this work lies in the Floristic Inventory of South Florida Database (Gann, Bradley & Woodmansee, 1995-2005) and IRC’s book Rare Plants of South Florida: Their History, Conservation, and Restoration (Gann, Bradley & Woodmansee, 2002).  Literally dozens of people and organizations have contributed to these IRC projects.  Thanks also to the dozens of people who sent in evaluations of the trial version of this site.  Many new ideas emerged which we have been able to incorporate - the many words or encouragement were also greatly appreciated.

Finally, thanks to our web team - Option 4 Interactive Solutions, Geobridge, Leif Gann-Matzen and Barbara Shapiro, all of whom worked up to the very last minute.

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