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The Institute for Regional Conservation (IRC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the protection, restoration, and long-term management of biodiversity on a regional basis, and to the prevention of regional extinctions of rare plants, animals and ecosystems. As an important part of our mission, we make environmental education a top priority through the development of online resources that are free to the public and conducting educational programs for people of all ages.

In support of these goals, IRC has designed the Natives For Your Neighborhood website to present accurate, specific, and up-to-date information on cultivated native plants in South Florida. This project promotes broad participation in native plant gardening and habitat restoration at the local and regional levels, and encourages landowners and plant enthusiasts to contribute to conservation through the use of native plants in landscaping and habitat restoration on private lands.

One thing we hear consistently is that landowners are unsure where to go to obtain native plants or to get landscaping support. We are giving you the opportunity to support the continued development and quality of Natives for Your Neighborhood while at the same time promoting your business and providing our users with a source of plants and expert guidance.

In the past year, our Natives For Your Neighborhood webpage traffic has increased to over 65,000 page views per month. This means that each week, thousands of people are using this free, online resource. We are constantly working to grow the website and its users. Natives For Your Neighborhood is a trusted source for many reputable environmental organizations including local chapters of the Florida Native Plant Society, extension offices of the University of Florida, Broward County's Naturescape program, the North American Butterfly Association, the Florida Wildflower Foundation and many local native nurseries.

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