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South Florida's Habitats

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In South Florida, habitats are composed of a mixture of temperate, subtropical, and tropical species. The natural landscape is dominated by many types of wetlands, ranging from the vast Everglades to deep cypress swamps and coastal mangrove forests. Upland communities such as rockland hammocks, prairies, and pinelands also are present. Other Coastal landscapes, such as beach dunes and coastal berms, are other special habitats present in South Florida.

The native plant species that inhabit these ecosystems are exceedingly diverse - from giant oaks to colorful bromeliads, golden prairie grasses to endemic wildflowers, lacy ferns to coastal sunflowers. Many of these native species are found nowhere else in the world, or occur only in Florida in the continental United States.

Beach Dunes and Coastal Grasslands
Coastal Berm
Coastal Grassland
Coastal Strand
Depression Marsh
Dome Swamp
Flatwoods/Prairie Lake
Floodplain Marsh
Floodplain Swamp
Freshwater Tidal Swamp
Hydric Hammock
Mangrove Swamp
Maritime Hammock
Marl Prairie
Mesic Flatwoods
Mesic Hammock
Pine Rockland
Prairie Hammock
River Floodplain Lake
Rockland Hammock
Salt Marsh
Scrubby Flatwoods
Shell Mound
Strand Swamp
Wet Flatwoods
Xeric Hammock


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