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Tillandsia usneoides

Copyright by: Roger L. Hammer

General Landscape Uses: Accent epiphyte; on live oaks along forest edges.

Availability: Grown by enthusiasts.

Description: Epiphytic herb.

Dimensions: Hanging in mats often 20 feet or more in length.

Growth Rate: Moderate to slow.

Range: Southeastern United States, Maryland and Delaware west to Texas and south to the Monroe County Keys; West Indies, Mexico, Central America and South America.

Map of select IRC data from peninsular Florida.

Habitats: Moist forests and swamps.

Soils: Epiphytic; grows on the trunks and branches of trees and shrubs.

Nutritional Requirements: Low; it grows on nutrient poor substrate.

Salt Water Tolerance: Low; does not tolerate long-term flooding by salt or brackish water.

Salt Wind Tolerance: Moderate; grows near salt water, but is protected from direct salt spray by other vegetation.

Drought Tolerance: High; does not require any supplemental water once established.

Light Requirements: Full sun.

Flower Color: Pale green or blue.

Flower Characteristics: Semi-showy but small.

Flowering Season: Spring-fall.

Fruit: Green to brown capsule with hairy, wind dispersed seeds.

Wildlife and Ecology: Attracts insect pollinators.

Horticultural Notes: Can be grown from seed and division.

Copyright by: Roger L. Hammer

Copyright by: George D. Gann

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