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Coastal Indian mallow
Abutilon permolle

Copyright by: James Johnson, 2014
In habitat, Blazingstar Preserve, Palm Beach County, Florida

General Landscape Uses: Primarily recommended for natural landscapes and habitat restorations.

Ecological Restoration Notes: A fairly common element of rockland hammock edges in the Florida Keys, rarer elsewhere. It tolerates disturbed, even scraped, soils, but needs some organic material to thrive.

Availability: Grown by enthusiasts.

Description: Medium shrub with velvety leaves and showy yellow flowers.

Dimensions: Typically 3-6 feet in height. Usually taller than broad.

Growth Rate: Moderate.

Range: Monroe, Miami-Dade, Broward and Collier counties; disjunct in Manatee County, where presumed extirpated; West Indies, Mexico and Central America.

Plant Map Map of select IRC data from peninsular Florida.

 Map of ZIP codes with habitat recommendations north to Martin and Charlotte counties.

Habitats: Rockland hammock edges and canopy gaps and coastal rock barrens.

Soils: Moist, well-drained limestone soils, with humusy top layer.

Nutritional Requirements: Moderate; can grow in nutrient poor soils, but needs some organic content to thrive.

Salt Water Tolerance: Low; does not tolerate long-term flooding by salt or brackish water.

Salt Wind Tolerance: Moderate; grows near salt water, but is protected from direct salt spray by other vegetation.

Drought Tolerance: Moderate to high; plants growing in extremely dry soils may die during extended periods of drought.

Light Requirements: Full sun to light shade.

Flower Color: Yellow.

Flower Characteristics: Showy, about 1" wide.

Flowering Season: All year; peak winter to spring.

Fruit: Narrow carpels arranged in a cup shape, separating at maturity.

Wildlife and Ecology: Possible larval host plant for common checkered-skipper (Pyrgus communis), mallow scrub-hairstreak (Strymon istapa) and tropical checkered-skipper (Pyrgus oileus) butterflies.

Horticultural Notes: Can be grown from seed. Small seedlings are easily transplanted.

References: Hammer 2004.

Comments: The attractive silvery foliage and showy yellow flowers makes this a good choice in sunny, coastal, rockand areas.

Copyright by: James Johnson, 2014
In habitat, Blazingstar Preserve, Palm Beach County, Florida

Copyright by: Roger L. Hammer

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