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Northern Parula
Setophaga americana

Copyright by: Beryn Harty, 2022.

A small bird measuring up to 5 inches in length. Blue-gray above, white and yellow below with a red band across the chest, a broken white eyering, and two white wingbars.
Breeds in eastern North America and winters in South Florida, Mexico, Central America, and the West Indies.
Wet areas such as woodlands, swamps, lakes, and ponds.
3 to 7 creamy white eggs are laid in a basket-shaped nest of grass hidden in Spanish moss (Tillandsia usneoides).
Natural History:
This species uses Spanish moss (Tillandsia usneoides) to hide its nest.
This species feeds on insects and spiders.
Can be found in South Florida during the winter months.

Copyright by: Beryn Harty, 2022.

Copyright by: Beryn Harty, 2022.

Copyright by: Joe Montes de Oca

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