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Common Grackle
Quiscalus quiscula

Copyright by: Joe Montes de Oca

A medium-sized bird measuring up to 13 inches in length. A long, wedge-shaped tail and iridescent black all over.
Breeds and winters in estern North America.
Open areas such as swamps, marshes, lawns, parks, and fields.
1 to 7 pale blue eggs with black markings are laid in a stick nest placed in a bush or tree. Some nest in colonies.
Natural History:
This species commonly engages in anting, allowing ants to crawl on its body and secrete formic acid, possibly to rid the body of parasites.
This species feeds on insects, grain, seeds, acorns, fruit, and small fish, birds, mamals, and amphibians.
Can be found in South Florida year round.
Kushlan & Hines (2014)

Copyright by: Joe Montes de Oca

Copyright by: Joe Montes de Oca

Copyright by: Joe Montes de Oca

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