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Danaus eresimus

Copyright by: Kirsten Hines, 2021.

Medium sized butterfly measuring up to 3 3/4" in length. The upperside of the wings is brownish orange in color. The underside has a band of blotchy pale spots. Forewings have a black border with two rows of white spots. Thin black veins are visible on both wings. Caterpillar is black with white and yellow bands and three pair of filaments. The chrysalis is green and similar to that of the monarch.
North America, West Indies, Central America, South America
 Map of native range by ZIP code north to Indian River and Manatee counties.
Distribution and Abundance in Florida:
Year round in Florida.
Forest edges and open pastures and fields.
Three or more broods per year.
Larval host plants include native savannah milkweed (Asclepias pedicellata), swamp milkweed (Asclepias incarnata), green antelopehorn (Asclepias viridis), and whitevine (Sarcostemma clausum) and the nonnative latexplant (Morrenia odorata).
Similar in appearance to the Queen butterfly, but the Soldier is more orange on the upperside and its wing veins are more defined. For more information, visit Butterflies and Moths of North America.

Copyright by: Kirsten Hines, 2021.

Copyright by: Kirsten Hines, 2021.

Copyright by: Mary Keim, 2013.

Copyright by: Mary Keim, 2014. Soldier (Danaus eresimus) on Whitevine (Funastrum clausum).

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