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Floristic Inventory of the Florida Keys Database Online

There are 1031 taxa reported for the Florida Keys.

Group By Family:

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Scientific Name: Common Name: Native Status:
Jacquemontia curtisii Pineland clustervine Not Native, Cultivated Only
Jacquemontia havanensis Havana clustervine Native
Jacquemontia pentanthos Skyblue clustervine Native
Jacquinia arborea Braceletwood Not Native, Naturalized
Jacquinia keyensis Joewood Native
Jasminum dichotomum Gold Coast jasmine Not Native, Naturalized
Jasminum fluminense Brazilian jasmine, Corky-stemmed jasmine Not Native, Naturalized
Jasminum laurifolium Angelwing jasmine, Shining jasmine, Star jasmine Not Native, Cultivated Only
Jasminum multiflorum Star jasmine Not Native, Cultivated Only
Jasminum sambac Arabian jasmine Not Native, Naturalized
Jatropha curcas Nutmeg plant, Barbados nut, Physic nut Not Native, Naturalized
Jatropha gossypiifolia Bellyache bush
Jatropha integerrima Peregrina, Spicy jatropha Not Native, Naturalized
Jatropha multifida Coralbush
Juncus marginatus Shore rush, Grassleaf rush Possibly Extirpated
Juncus repens Lesser creeping rush
Juncus roemerianus Black needle rush, Needle rush, Black rush Possibly Extirpated