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Floristic Inventory of the Florida Keys Database Online

There are 1031 taxa reported for the Florida Keys.

Group By Family:

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Scientific Name: Common Name: Native Status:
Echinochloa crus-galli Barnyardgrass
Echinochloa paludigena Florida cockspur Possibly Extirpated
Echinodorus berteroi Upright burrhead Presumed Extirpated
Echites umbellatus Devil’s-potato, Rubbervine Native
Eclipta prostrata False-daisy Doubtfully Native
Eleocharis cellulosa Gulf Coast spikerush Native
Eleocharis flavescens Yellow spikerush, Pale spikerush
Eleocharis geniculata Canada spikerush Native
Eleusine indica Indian goose grass Not Native, Naturalized
Emilia fosbergii Florida tasselflower Not Native, Naturalized
Encyclia tampensis Florida butterfly orchid Native
Epipremnum pinnatum cv. Aureum Golden pothos Not Native, Naturalized
Eragrostis amabilis Feather love grass Not Native, Naturalized
Eragrostis ciliaris Gophertail love grass Not Native, Naturalized
Eragrostis elliottii Elliott’s love grass Native
Eragrostis prolifera Dominican love grass Not Native, Naturalized
Erechtites hieraciifolius Fireweed, American burnweed Native
Eremochloa ophiuroides Centipede grass Not Native, Naturalized
Erigeron quercifolius Oakleaf fleabane, Southern fleanbane Native
Erigeron vernus Early whitetop fleabane
Eriochloa michauxii var. michauxii Longleaf cup grass, Michaux’s cup grass Native
Eriochloa michauxii var. simpsonii Simpson's cup grass Presumed Extirpated
Erithalis fruticosa Blacktorch Native
Ernodea cokeri Coker’s creeper, One-nerved ernodea Possibly Extirpated
Ernodea littoralis Beach-creeper, Golden-creeper, Coughbush Native
Erucastrum gallicum Common dogmustard Not Native, Naturalized
Eryngium yuccifolium Button snakeroot, Button rattlenakemaster
Erythrina herbacea Coralbean, Cherokee bean Native
Erythrina variegata Coral tree Not Native, Cultivated Only
Eucalyptus robusta Swampmahogany Not Native, Cultivated Only
Eugenia axillaris White stopper Native
Eugenia confusa Ironwood, Redberry stopper Native
Eugenia foetida Spanish stopper, Boxleaf stopper Native
Eugenia rhombea Red stopper Native
Eugenia uniflora Surinam-cherry Not Native, Naturalized
Eulophia graminea Not Native, Naturalized
Eupatorium capillifolium Dog-fennel Native
Eupatorium leptophyllum Falsefennel Native
Eupatorium serotinum Lateflowering thoroughwort Doubtfully Native
Euphorbia blodgettii Limestone sandmat Native
Euphorbia bombensis Sand-dune spurge, Dixie sandmat Native
Euphorbia conferta Everglades key sandmat Native
Euphorbia cordifolia Heartleaf sandmat
Euphorbia cyathophora Paintedleaf, Fire-on-the-mountain Native
Euphorbia deltoidea subsp. serpyllum Florida Keys deltoid spurge, Florida Keys wedge sandmat, Wedge spurge Native
Euphorbia garberi Garber's sandmat, Garber's spurge Native
Euphorbia graminea Grassleaf spurge Not Native, Naturalized
Euphorbia heterophylla Fiddler's spurge, Mexican fireplant Native
Euphorbia hirta Hairy spurge, Pillpod sandmat Native
Euphorbia hypericifolia Eyebane, Graceful sandmat Native
Euphorbia hyssopifolia Eyebane, Hyssopleaf sandmat Native
Euphorbia lactea Mottled spurge Not Native, Cultivated Only
Euphorbia lasiocarpa Roadside sandmat Not Native, Naturalized
Euphorbia maculata Milk-purslane, Spotted sandmat Possibly Extirpated
Euphorbia mendezii Mendez's sandmat Not Native, Naturalized
Euphorbia mesembryanthemifolia Seaside spurge, Coastal beach sandmat Native
Euphorbia milii Crown-of-thorns, Christplant Not Native, Cultivated Only
Euphorbia ogdenii Ogden's sandmat Native
Euphorbia ophthalmica Florida hammock sandmat Native
Euphorbia pergamena Rockland sandmat Native
Euphorbia pinetorum Pineland poinsettia, Pineland spurge Native
Euphorbia porteriana Porter’s sandmat Native
Euphorbia prostrata Prostrate sandmat Doubtfully Native
Euphorbia tirucalli Pencil-cactus, Pencil tree, Indian tree spurg Not Native, Cultivated Only
Euphorbia tithymaloides subsp. smallii Jacob's ladder, Devil's backbone Not Native, Cultivated Only
Euphorbia trichotoma Sanddune spurge Possibly Extirpated
Euphorbia trigona African milk tree Not Native, Cultivated Only
Euploca fruticosa Key West heliotrope Presumed Extirpated
Eustachys glauca Prairie fingergrass, Saltmarsh fingergrass
Eustachys petraea Common fingergrass, Pinewoods fingergrass Native
Eustoma exaltatum Marsh gentian, Seaside gentian, Catchfly prairie-gentian Native
Evolvulus alsinoides var. alsinoides Slender dwarf morning-glory Native
Evolvulus convolvuloides Bindweed dwarf morningglory, Dwarf bindweed Native
Evolvulus glomeratus subsp. grandiflorus Blue daze Not Native, Naturalized
Evolvulus grisebachii Grisebach's Dwarf morningglory Native
Evolvulus sericeus Silver dwarf morningglory Native
Exostema caribaeum Caribbean princewood Native
Exothea paniculata Inkwood, Butterbough Native