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Floristic Inventory of the Florida Keys Database Online

There are 1031 taxa reported for the Florida Keys.

Group By Family:

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Scientific Name: Common Name: Native Status:
Abelmoschus esculentus Okra Not Native, Naturalized
Abildgaardia ovata Flatspike sedge Native
Abrus precatorius Rosary-pea, Crab-eyes Not Native, Naturalized
Abutilon hirtum Florida Keys Indian mallow Not Native, Naturalized
Abutilon permolle Coastal Indian mallow Native
Acacia auriculiformis Earleaf acacia Not Native, Naturalized
Acacia retinodes Water wattle, Wirilda Not Native, Naturalized
Acalypha amentacea subsp. wilkesiana Wilkes’ copperleaf Not Native, Naturalized
Acalypha chamaedrifolia Three-seeded mercury, Bastard copperleaf Native
Acanthocereus tetragonus Barbwire cactus, Dildoe cactus Native
Achyranthes aspera var. aspera Common Devil's-horsewhip Not Native, Naturalized
Acrostichum aureum Golden leather fern Native
Acrostichum danaeifolium Giant leather fern Native
Adenanthera pavonina Red sandalwood, Red beardtree Not Native, Naturalized
Adonidia merrillii Manila palm, Christmas palm Not Native, Cultivated Only
Aechmea bracteata Not Native, Cultivated Only
Aeschynomene americana Shyleaf
Agalinis fasciculata Beach false foxglove Native
Agalinis filifolia Seminole false foxglove
Agalinis maritima Saltmarsh false foxglove Native
Agalinis obtusifolia Tenlobe false foxglove Possibly Extirpated
Agave americana Century plant Not Native, Naturalized
Agave angustifolia Century plant Not Native, Naturalized
Agave decipiens False-sisal Native
Agave sisalana Sisal-hemp Not Native, Naturalized
Agdestis clematidea Rockroot Not Native, Naturalized
Ageratum conyzoides subsp. conyzoides Tropical Whiteweed Not Native, Naturalized
Ageratum houstonianum Bluemink
Ageratum maritimum Keys ageratum Native
Albizia lebbeck Woman’s tongue, Rattlepod Not Native, Naturalized
Aletris bracteata White colic-root, bracted colic-root Native
Allamanda cathartica Yellow allamanda, Golden trumpet Not Native, Cultivated Only
Aloe vera Aloe Not Native, Cultivated Only
Alternanthera brasiliana Brazilian joyweed
Alternanthera flavescens Yellow joyweed Native
Alternanthera maritima Seaside joyweed Native
Alternanthera paronichyoides Smooth joyweed Not Native, Naturalized
Alternanthera philoxeroides Alligatorweed
Alternanthera sessilis Sessile joyweed
Alysicarpus vaginalis White moneywort Not Native, Naturalized
Amaranthus australis Southern water-hemp, Southern amaranth Native
Amaranthus blitum Purple amaranth Not Native, Naturalized
Amaranthus crassipes Spreading amaranth Presumed Extirpated
Amaranthus dubius Spleen amaranth Not Native, Naturalized
Amaranthus floridanus Florida amaranth Presumed Extirpated
Amaranthus hybridus Common pigweed, slim amaranth Not Native, Naturalized
Amaranthus polygonoides Tropical amaranth Not Native, Naturalized
Amaranthus spinosus Spiny amaranth Not Native, Naturalized
Amaranthus viridis Slender amaranth Not Native, Naturalized
Ambrosia artemisiifolia Common ragweed Native
Ambrosia hispida Beach ragweed, Coastal ragweed Native
Ammannia coccinea Scarlet ammannia, Valley redstem Possibly Extirpated
Ammannia latifolia Pink redstem, Toothcup Native
Amphitecna latifolia Black-calabash Presumed Extirpated
Amyris balsamifera Balsam torchwood
Amyris elemifera Common torchwood, Sea torchwood Native
Anagallis arvensis Scarlet pimpernel Not Native, Naturalized
Ananas comosus Pineapple Not Native, Cultivated Only
Andropogon glomeratus var. pumilus Common bushy bluestem Native
Andropogon longiberbis Hairy bluestem Native
Andropogon ternarius Splitbeard bluestem Possibly Extirpated
Andropogon virginicus var. virginicus Broomsedge bluestem Native
Anemia adiantifolia Pine fern, Maidenhair pineland fern Native
Angadenia berteroi Pineland-allamanda, Pineland golden trumpet Native
Annona glabra Pond-apple Native
Annona reticulata Bullock's-heart Not Native, Cultivated Only
Annona squamosa Sugar-apple Not Native, Naturalized
Anredera vesicaria Madeira vine, Texas madieravine Not Native, Naturalized
Antigonon leptopus Coral vine, Queen's jewels Not Native, Naturalized
Araucaria columnaris New Caledonia tree Not Native, Cultivated Only
Araucaria heterophylla Norfolk Island-pine Not Native, Naturalized
Ardisia elliptica Shoe-button ardisia Not Native, Naturalized
Ardisia escallonioides Marlberry Native
Argemone albiflora Carolina poppy, Bluestem pricklypoppy
Argemone mexicana Mexican pricklypoppy Native
Argythamnia blodgettii Blodgett’s wild mercury, Blodgett’s silverbush Native
Aristida floridana Key West threeawn Native
Aristida gyrans Corkscrew threeawn
Aristida purpurascens Arrowfeather threeawn Native
Aristolochia pentandra Marsh’s dutchman’s-pipe Native
Aristolochia serpentaria Virginia snakeroot
Arundo donax Giant reed Not Native, Cultivated Only
Asclepias curassavica Scarlet milkweed, Bloodflower Not Native, Naturalized
Asclepias viridis Green antelopehorn Native
Asparagus aethiopicus Sprenger’s asparagus-fern Not Native, Naturalized
Asparagus officinalis Garden asparagus Not Native, Cultivated Only
Asparagus setaceus Common asparagus-fern Not Native, Naturalized
Asystasia gangetica Chinese-violet, Ganges primrose Not Native, Naturalized
Atriplex cristata Beach orach, Crested saltbush Native
Avena sativa Common oat Not Native, Naturalized
Avicennia germinans Black mangrove Native
Axonopus furcatus Big carpetgrass
Ayenia euphrasiifolia Eyebright ayenia Native