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Floristic Inventory of the Florida Keys Database Online

Gamochaeta antillana (Urb.) Anderb.
Cudweed, Narrowleaf purple everlasting

Gamochaeta antillana
Copyright by: Beryn Harty, 2018

Family: Asteraceae

Group: Dicot

Substrate: Terrestrial

Habit: Herb

Perennation: Annual

Native Range: Southern United States, West Indies.


Map of select IRC data for peninsular Florida

SOUTH FLORIDA Occurrence: Present

SOUTH FLORIDA Native Status: Native

SOUTH FLORIDA Cultivated Status: Not Cultivated

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Synonyms: Gnaphalium falcatum, misapplied.

FLORIDA KEYS Occurrence: Present

FLORIDA KEYS Native Status: Not Native, Naturalized

Map of select IRC data for the Florida Keys

Florida Keys History and Distribution: Not reported for the Florida Keys by John Kunkel Small in 1913. First collected in 1978 by William B. Robertson, Jr. on Garden Key in Dry Tortugas National Park (s.n., FTG). Probably an accidental introduction.

Other data on Gamochaeta antillana available from :

Gamochaeta antillana has been reported from the following conservation area in the FLORIDA KEYS :
Occurrence Native Status
Dry Tortugas National Park Present Not Native, Naturalized

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Gamochaeta antillana
Copyright by: Beryn Harty, 2018

Gamochaeta antillana
Copyright by: Beryn Harty, 2018