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River Floodplain Lake

There are 60 taxa reported for the River Floodplain Lake habitat.

Meander scar, backwater, or larger flow-through body within major river floodplains; sand, alluvial or organic substrate; colored, alkaline or slightly acidic, hard or moderately hard water with high mineral content (sulfate, sodium, chloride, calcium, magnesium); mesotrophic to eutrophic.
Scientific Name: Common Name: South Florida Native Status:
Azolla caroliniana Carolina Mosquito Fern Native
Boehmeria cylindrica False nettle, Bog hemp, Button-hemp Native
Ceratophyllum demersum Hornwort, Coontail Native
Cicuta maculata Spotted water-hemlock Native
Cyperus odoratus Fragrant flatsedge Native
Echinochloa walteri Coast cockspur Native
Eclipta prostrata False-daisy Native
Egeria densa Brazilian waterweed Not Native, Naturalized
Eichhornia crassipes Common water-hyacinth Not Native, Naturalized
Eleocharis cellulosa Gulf Coast spikerush Native
Eleocharis interstincta Knotted spikerush Native
Habenaria repens Waterspider false reinorchid Native
Hydrilla verticillata Water-thyme Not Native, Naturalized
Hydrocotyle bonariensis Largeleaf marshpennywort Native
Hydrocotyle umbellata Manyflower marshpennywort Native
Hydrocotyle verticillata var. verticillata Whorled marshpennywort Native
Landoltia punctata Dotted duckweed Not Native, Naturalized
Leersia hexandra Southern cutgrass Native
Lemna obscura Little duckweed Native
Limnobium spongia Frog's-bit, American spongeplant Native
Ludwigia leptocarpa Anglestem primrosewillow Native
Ludwigia octovalvis Mexican primrosewillow Native
Ludwigia peploides subsp. glabrescens Floating primrosewillow Native
Najas guadalupensis Southern waternymph Native
Nelumbo lutea Yellow lotus, American lotus Native
Nuphar lutea subsp. advena Spatterdock, Yellow Pondlily Native
Nymphaea mexicana Yellow waterlily Native
Nymphaea odorata American white waterlily Native
Nymphoides aquatica Big floatingheart Native
Panicum hemitomon Maidencane Native
Panicum repens Torpedo grass Not Native, Naturalized
Paspalidium geminatum Egyptian paspalidium Native
Peltandra virginica Green arum, Green arrow arum Native
Phragmites australis Common reed Native
Polygonum glabrum Denseflower knotweed Native
Polygonum hydropiperoides Mild water-pepper, Swamp smartweed Native
Polygonum punctatum Dotted smartweed Native
Polygonum setaceum Bog smartweed Native
Pontederia cordata Pickerelweed Native
Potamogeton illinoensis Illinois pondweed Native
Potamogeton pusillus Small pondweed Native
Proserpinaca palustris Mermaid weed, Marsh mermaidweed Native
Proserpinaca pectinata Mermaid weed, Combleaf mermaidweed Native
Rhynchospora nitens Shortbeak beaksedge Native
Sagittaria filiformis Threadleaf arrowhead Native
Sagittaria lancifolia Bulltongue arrowhead, lance-leaved arrowhead Native
Saururus cernuus Lizard’s tail Native
Schoenoplectus californicus Giant bulrush, California bulrush Native
Schoenoplectus pungens Sword-grass, Threesquare bulrush Native
Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani Softstem bulrush Native
Sesbania herbacea Danglepod Native
Smilax auriculata Earleaf greenbrier Native
Solanum americanum Common nightshade, American black nightshade Native
Thalia geniculata Alligatorflag, Fireflag Native
Typha domingensis Southern cat-tail Native
Utricularia foliosa Leafy bladderwort Native
Utricularia purpurea Eastern purple bladderwort Native
Vallisneria americana Tape-grass, American eel-grass Native
Vigna luteola Cow-pea, Hairypod cowpea Native
Vitis shuttleworthii Calusa grape Native