Night-blooming epidendrum, Night-scented orchid
Epidendrum nocturnum

Landscape Uses:

Primarily recommended for natural landscapes and habitat restorations.

Ecological Restoration Notes:

A rare epiphyte in hammocks and swamps.
Grown by enthusiasts.
Epiphytic wildflower.
Stems about 2-3 feet in length; erect or pendent.
Growth Rate:
Miami-Dade County and the Monroe County mainland north to Martin and Lee counties; West Indies, Mexico, Central America and South America. Very rare outside of Collier County. In Broward County, known from two locations; in Palm Beach County, known from one location; perhaps extirpated in Martin County.
Swamps and moist forests.
Epiphytic; grows on the trunks and branches of trees and shrubs.
Nutritional Requirements:
Moderate; can grow on nutrient poor substrate, but needs some nutrient inputs to thrive.
Salt Water Tolerance:
Low; does not tolerate flooding by salt or brackish water.
Salt Wind Tolerance:
Low; salt wind may burn the leaves.
Drought Tolerance:
Low; requires moist substrate and high humidity and is intolerant of long periods of drought.
Light Requirements:
Light shade.
Flower Color:
Flower Characteristics:
Showy. Fragrant, especially at night.
Flowering Season:
All year.
Capsule containing numerous minute seeds. Dispersal is by wind.
Wildlife and Ecology:
Horticultural Notes:
Primarily grown from seed in a sterilized flask.
It is listed as endangered by the state of Florida.

George D. Gann
George D. Gann
Roger L. Hammer
Shirley Denton
Shirley Denton
Shirley Denton